Peter Lihou

Peter Lihou has spent roughly half of his sixty-three years living on the Channel Island of Guernsey that is the ancestral home of the Lihou family. He now lives in Cornwall, in the South West of England, where he divides his time between writing, running a publishing company, sailing and generally messing around with his family. His writing career began in 2008 with the release of his debut novel (Rachel’s Shoe) set in the Channel Islands during the German wartime occupation; followed by a sequel (The Causeway) and a combined volume (Guernsey, Rachel’s Story). His other work includes a series of tongue in cheek Sci-Fi stories (Book – The God Particle) that chart events following the initial, failed; attempt to find the so-called ‘God Particle’, postulating rather surprising, often amusing, and sometimes philosophical consequences.

Current projects include a further wartime drama, penciled for release in 2014, Book Four of the God Particle series, and the start of a brand new novel.

Rachel’s Shoe ISBN: 0956534201

The Causeway  ISBN: 1456321013

Guernsey, Rachel’s Story ISBN: 1468089331

Book (The God Particle) ISBN: 145632098X

Book 2 (The God Particle) ISBN: 147745831X

Book 3 (The God Particle) ISBN: 1480041637

Book (The God Particle Series, 1-3) ISBN: 148011670X

Peter also initiated and managed a unique writing collaboration project, bringing together a group of complete strangers from around the world to complete a novel in one year. The resulting volume (Passage to Redemption) was completed on schedule and delivered a powerful message about mankind’s stewardship of our planet, set against the backdrop a compelling fictional drama.

Passage to Redemption ISBN: 1453804889

Peter Lihou

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