‘I’ve Slept With D.H.Lawrence’ – Dina Andrews

Mid pages of passion, the torchlight flickers,
Whilst the gardener fumbles with M’lady’s knickers.
The light was turned out, on went the torch
Under the covers reading my books.

Before DH Lawrence right from the start
Enid Blyton touched my heart.
Adventures with the famous five,
Read them all, they made me smile.

Black Beauty, that’s by Anna Sewell
Horse stories, hundreds read them all.
Roald Dahl, and his Fantastic Mr Fox
All under my bed, in my secret box.

Lord Peter Wimsey, of Dorothy Sayers fame
Robert Louis Stephenson, verses to name
But a few, Laurie Lee and Cider With Rosie,
Wilfred Owen, Sassoon, Keats, Wordsworth, Rossetti.
The words on the pages dance under the sheets,
Filling my brain full of words from Blyton to Keats.
But you always thought I was dense,
You have no idea what I know, I’ve learned
At my own expense.
I’ve lived by words, in other peoples worlds,
It kept my sanity, and at the end of
The day, against your rules
I’ve slept with DH Lawrence!


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