‘Shadow Shifter’ by Paul Webb

So he took those shadows and bent them to his shape
For from the dark suit a new breed to make.
A shadow cloak of shifting shade
Within the dark the glint of blade.
He wrapped himself in that black cloth
And then clothed himself in demon wrath.
Then watched as his shadow burnt in hell
When it plunged into that universal swell.
Bent on catching the last rites and verse
Did his burnt wings touch the universe?
And did those scarred wings touch the sky
And did such wings make him fly?
In what battered and broke-down portal
Did he find his soul so immortal?
And as the shadows shifted
So was a light lifted.
And by that light he did scorch
Fine scar from eternal torch.
And did strike down with temple blow
Whereby blood from flower does flow
In that seed that some worm did sow
A great secret no man should know.
That the sky speaks to us in patterns of rain
And earthly spirits be bound in chain.
Thence to float with the great spirit in the sky
Does demand that seven fallen angels must die.
For harvest requires a seed to be sown
And then must that crop be mown.
Shadow shifter, shadow maker
Shadow maker, soul taker.
Soul shifter, soul maker.


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